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Paul Browning was born in Coventry in June 1970. He lived in council houses in various parts of Coventry with his 3 sisters and brother growing up mainly in Hillfields near to the city centre.

Paul joined the West Midlands Police as a cadet in 1988. It had always been his dream to fight crime and help people but over the next 12 years he became bemused and frustrated at the insanity that becomes the day to day life of a police officer. Paul was fighting with violent offenders almost every day and the police self defence training was woefully inadequate. He was bullied by his sergeant for years and buried in paperwork for hours on end.

Paul worked as a PC and detective in Coventry and was eventually promoted to Stechford in Birmingham as a sergeant. There he had to contend with the politics of performance targets, deal with misbehaving PCs and do his best to protect his team from the madness that is home office policy and performance targets.

Paul eventually left the police in June 2000. It was either that or go insane. He worked in IT support for a few years before starting his own IT training company and then his own publishing company - Reality Press Ltd.

Paul lives in a village near to Northampton with his girlfriend.
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