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Are the people Rich B and Bernard in the book real?

Yes, both are real but I have had to change details about them to protect their identities.

I would like some help with some issues in my life. Will Bernard help me?

Bernard is no longer counselling. I highly recommend Tony Somers in Coventry, Liz Ivory in Northampton and Val Walker from Haven Hypnotherapy in Milton Keynes. Click on their names to be taken to their websites.

I think I recognised myself in the book. What should I do?

No, it isn’t you. You are just imagining things.

I want to leave the police or my job but am worried. What can I do?

Call Tony Somers who can coach you through that.

I see you own Reality Press Ltd. Can you help me publish my book?

I formed the company to publish Good Guys Wear Blue. I have no contacts in the publishing industry and no distribution chain. I self published because to get a book deal on your first book is a very hard task. If you have a proposal please send three pages to Reality Press. HQ address but please don’t hold your breath.

Are you doing any book signings?

I will be. Please see the events page. If you want your book signing when you order then please put what you want me to write in the comments section of the shopping cart. It may delay your order if I am away on business.
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