The Good Guys Wear Blue is a story about Paul Brownings experience as a police officer in the West Midlands Police from 1988 to 2000. During that time Paul worked in Coventry as a PC and then a detective before being promoted to Sergeant and working in Stechford in Birmingham.
Over that 12 year period Paul was involved in hundreds of fights, witnessed brutal beatings dished out by fellow police officers, was buried in endless hours of paperwork and bullied by one of his shift sergeants. Paul eventually found help from two unlikely people. A caring psychotherapist who he had returned some found property to and a multi-millionaire who was the victim of a crime. With their help he eventually found the courage to leave the police force.The Good Guys Wear Blue is an honest account of what goes on behind the thin blue line. Some of the police officers Paul worked with were lazy, ignorant and extremely violent. Most were honest, caring people trying to do the best job they can under very difficult circumstances.Being a police officer today means having to navigate your way through an endlessly changing system of procedures, documentation and bureaucracy. Your every move is measured and monitored and if you make a mistake, even in the middle of a spontaneous incident you will be called to account in disciplinary proceedings.

If you are in the police and you think you have gone insane then don’t worry, you are right on track.


“I thought I knew about the police, but realised I knew nothing at all. I’d like to tell you that I feel saferafter reading it, that we have the best police in the world and that our enforcers of law are above reproach. But I can’t because they are not. And that is what I loved most about this book. It shows the police for what they really are. Not superhuman, but human beings. Funny, quirky, massively moral, more immoral than the worst criminals, above reproach, below contemptible, hugely courageous, massive cowards, wildly intelligent, thicker than a whale sandwich, altruistic and the biggest egotists on the planet. I could go on, but I think you get the gist; the human disparity within the force is gaping. But then, if there wasn’t such a colourful diversity of character, this, I am sure, would not be such a great read.”Geoff Thompson
Best Selling Writer & BAFTA Award Winner